Meet Kacey, a single mom who chose life for her unborn son, Leo, now a joyful toddler who reminds her each day of the “hope and redemption found in Christ.”

Kacey Miller’s love for her son is evident in every word. “Being a mom has changed me in so many unexplainable ways. Life is no longer about me,” she notes. “It’s about Leo: his safety, his happiness, his wellbeing. Having a little one rely on you 24/7 is the most difficult thing I have ever experienced, yet the most rewarding.”

Kacey, a single mom, is speaking up. By sharing her story through the #eyesoflife campaign, she is giving voice to what millions of others believe as well: that all life, from conception to natural death, is sacred, valued and a gift from God.

She loves exploring, her family, art, adventure, teaching students and church. And when, while studying math at Concordia University Texas, Austin, Texas, she found herself pregnant, she also chose life for her baby, despite being encouraged to abort her son. “I would have never guessed that at 23 years old, my life would look like it does,” she says. “My whole world was turned on June 3, 2015, when Leo was born, and my life will never be the same!”


A portrait of Kacey Miller and her son Leo at St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church on Sunday, April 10, 2016, in Columbus, Ind.

LCMS Communications/Erik M. Lunsford

“I remember bringing Leo home as a newborn,” she recalls. “He cried so much, and sometimes the only thing I could do was cry with him. As a parent, you want to meet your child’s every need, and sometimes you fail. I’ve learned what that failure looks like, but I’ve learned how to accept it and do my best regardless. I think that can apply to many other situations in life too. We just fall short!”

But Kacey’s simultaneously seen firsthand that the Lord works even those struggles and suffering for good. “I now have so many people around me, supporting me, helping me, uplifting me, and I do not go a day alone,” she explains. “God works through means, and all of these people prove that!”

Little Leo, meanwhile, is thriving. He “loves to read his books and play with his cars … Since I’m a math lover, we’ve been working on our geometry; he already knows what a triangle is!” she says proudly. God “placed Leo in my life for me to take care of, and right in front of my eyes, Leo has grown and will continue to go grow from a child of God to a man of God.”

Being Leo’s mom, she believes, has given her eyes of life. “I remember a dark time with no hope, no happiness and no strength,” she recalls. “The only things I saw were the difficulties that lie ahead. I easily beat myself down over my sin, thinking my parents will disown me and everyone will think poorly of me.”

But God, in His mercy, caused something quite different and unexpected to happen. “My family welcomed me home, my loved ones surrounded me and they all forgave me,” she says. “They reminded me of the hope and redemption found in Christ.”

“I remember a lady at church saying, ‘What the devil meant for evil, God has turned into a beautiful blessing,’” she reflects. “Now I get to enjoy that blessing, and [Leo] adds so much joy to my life, my family’s life and really anyone he meets. He gives us all eyes of life!”

Ever the teacher, Kacey is already telling her young son about God’s grace and mercy in his own life. “Teaching Leo about Christ’s death on the cross allows him to see the value and worth in every person,” she says. “We are all worthy enough for God to sacrifice His only Son to die for us … By treating Leo and others as valuable, he will learn to view and treat others that way …When others do wrong and we want to think lowly of them, I have to teach Leo that we shouldn’t, because we all sin, and that’s exactly why we need Christ in our life.”

An encouragement and example to any single mom, Kacey Miller has eyes of life, proof that the Lord’s ways are perfect and best, even when they may not feel or seem like it. “My comfort, hope and happiness are found in Christ,” she says joyfully and confidently, “and I pray every day that the Holy Spirit will work in Leo like it has in me.”

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