– John 1:4 –

“In Him was life, and the life was the light of men.”​

Join Us to Celebrate Life

Join the Moving the Movement Tour

The Chicago March for Life is going on tour throughout the Midwest. The tour will include car parades, outdoor rallies and supportive events for local pregnancy resource centers.

Pro-life events around the U.S.

Interested in marching for life closer to home? Join one of the events planned for locations around the country.

Outfit your group with Eyes of Life gear

Stand out at your local life march by ordering coordinated Eyes of Life attire and signage. Visit eyesoflifestore.org to get your group’s gear.
Stories of Real People

Kacey. Jing. Diego. Jean.
These are just a few of the stories of real people who have known real suffering but, greater still, have been on the receiving end of real grace, mercy, forgiveness and peace from our heavenly Father.

Do you have eyes of life?

In a world bent down and suffering under the darkness of abortion, euthanasia and death in all its forms, individual members of The Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS) are standing tall to tell their stories.

We invite you to join them. Tell us how you have eyes of life.

‘Right from the Beginning’

Erin Bode sings the truth of God’s perspective in Christ. He sees with eyes of life.