We don’t know what His eyes looked like. We don’t know if they were dark or light. We don’t know if they were prominent or deep-set. We don’t know if His eyebrows were bushy or thin. We don’t know what He looked like . . . at all.

But we do know what He saw.
He saw people.
He saw sinners.
He saw death.
He saw pain.
He saw injustice.
He saw sickness.
He saw faith.
He saw unbelief.
He saw sadness.
He saw joy.
He saw you.

We know how He saw.
He looked with love.
He looked with grace.
He looked with compassion.
He looked with mercy.
He looked with sorrow.
He looked with joy.
He looked with human eyes.
He looked with divine eyes.
He looked with eyes of life.


And from the cross He saw your sins, and He forgave them.
From the cross He saw the devil, and He defeated him.
From the cross He saw death, and He conquered it.
For you.

And leaving the grave behind, He saw eternal life,
And He gives it to you,
And He welcomes you,
And He loves you,
And He redefines our lives in His,
And He gives to you
Eyes of life —

To see all as those who are loved,
To see all as those whom God loves,
To see all life as a gift from God.

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