Meet Jean, who mourns the death of her child but who is reminded daily that “Jesus is always with me, even when I was on the hard, cold, abortion table.”

“He raised logical arguments for the abortion,” Jean recalls. “We couldn’t afford a baby, didn’t have room for another baby.”

Jean Amundson is speaking up. By sharing her story through the #eyesoflife campaign, she is giving voice to what millions of others believe as well: that all life, from conception to natural death, is sacred, valued and a gift from God.


Portrait of Jean Amundson
Portrait of Jean Amundson on Wednesday, May 11, 2016, at her home in Cleburne, Texas.

LCMS Communications/Erik M. Lunsford

When her husband suggested she have an abortion, the couple already had their hands full. They were raising two children, and their relationship was shaky. Jean’s husband had already divorced her once, leaving her a jobless, single mom. Unsure of what to do next, she continued to go to church, prayed and waited on the Lord. A few months later, her husband came back, they re-married and the two tried to start fresh.

But when Jean announced she was pregnant again, her husband insisted she have an abortion. He listed all his reasons and even threatened to leave her and their children — again — if she gave birth to the child.

“Panic began,” she recalls. Worried her pastor would be disappointed and her parents ashamed, Jean kept quiet as her husband demanded that she make an appointment at a local abortion clinic. She complied, fearful and horrified. After it was over, “we left the clinic on that fateful February day and acted as if nothing was wrong,” she says.

In actuality, nothing was right. Her husband divorced her again, and grieving the death of her unborn child and the loss of her husband, Jean endured dark, painful days. But in the midst of her sorrow, “I grew closer to the Lord,” she acknowledges. She attended church, got involved in Bible studies and taught Sunday school classes, realizing anew that without Christ, “life was totally empty.”

As time went on, Jean began to heal. “The Holy Spirit reminded me that the Lord loves me in spite of my sin … that Jesus is always with me, even when I was on the hard, cold abortion table.”

Today, Jean has been blessed with a faithful husband, two children, two stepchildren, seven grandchildren and a desire to share her story. “I am loved not only by my husband, family and friends, but most importantly by my Lord and Savior who gave His life for me,” she says.

And best of all? “I will not forget my loss but [Jesus] loves me in spite of my sin, all my sins,” she says with confidence. “I know I am forgiven.”


Jean Amundson
Jean Amundson listens to a fellow church member as the two talk before Bible class at Ascension Lutheran Church on Wednesday, May 11, 2016, in Cleburne, Texas.

LCMS Communications/Erik M. Lunsford

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