Eyes of Life stories

“I came that they may have life and have it abundantly” (John 10:10). – Jesus


Diapers. Tiny socks. Gently used strollers. See how one congregation is caring for moms, babies and families in need—in both body and soul—through a program called Swaddling Clothes.


Meet Kevin and Maggie Karner, a couple who faithfully defended life even in death.


Meet Jasmine, a young woman who discovered God’s love and a new kind of family at Shepherd of the City Lutheran Church in Philadelphia.


Human trafficking. Prostitution. An absent mother. An unborn child. For many, it would be too much. But for this child of God, it’s really just the beginning.


To some, saving a life—or even changing one—might seem like an impossibility. But in one maternity home in Florida for a pastor and his wife, it’s just a dream come true.


He’s outnumbered six to one by wife Sara and five adopted daughters from Colombia, and the Rev. Phil Zielinksi wouldn’t have it any other way.


Jesus sees you… with eyes of life. Jesus gives us eyes of life to see all life as a gift from God.


Meet Diego, a boy who likes Legos, loves his pesky little brother and is grateful that his biological mother spared his life.


Meet the Rev. Dr. Norman Nagel – well known professor, pastor and preacher – who, despite suffering the effects of a stroke, rejoices in Christ’s gifts of value, worth and honor.


Meet the Montgomery family — especially son Brody who was born with Down Syndrome — who, like any other family, love pizza, tacos and each other.


Meet Jean, who mourns the death of her child but who is reminded daily that “Jesus is always with me, even when I was on the hard, cold, abortion table.”


Meet Jing, a young man from China who, thanks to social media, visited Indiana, came home to a family in Nebraska and is learning that “We are never outside of God’s love.”